The 5th International Conference on Cucurbiturils (ICCB 2017) will be held in Brno, Czech Republic from June 27 to June 30 2017, shortly before the 12th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry.

The ICCB 2017 conference will focus on synthesis and supramolecular properties of cucurbiturils and related compounds. It will also emphasize recent development in cucurbituril applications. The conference will follow the spirit and style of five preceding conferences. The program will include invited presentations, oral talks and poster sessions.

  • The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul, Brno (M. Bouska)

Brief history of the ICCB conference

The ICCB conference was established out of the Workshop on Cucurbit[n]uril Molecular Containers, organized by Lyle Isaacs and Angel Kaifer. It took place at the University of Maryland, USA in August 2007. (link)

Since then, ICCB conferences took place every two years:

  • ICCB 2009 in Pohang, Korea hosted by Kimoon Kim
  • ICCB 2011 in Cambridge, UK hosted by Oren Scherman and Werner Nau (link)
  • ICCB 2013 in Canberra, Australia hosted by Anthony Day (link)
  • ICCB 2015 in Tianjin, China hosted by Yu Liu (link)