Special issue of IJC

Special issue of the Israel Journal of Chemistry (IJC) titled “Cucurbiturils and Related Cavitands” will be produced in conjunction with the ICCB 2017 conference. We would like to invite all conference participants to submit a manuscript on a topic of your choice within this theme. Your account may include a narrative report on a specific project or a broader review of an area explored by your group. Ideally, the length of the article should be approximately 8-12 pages in print. You may, of course, include one or more of your coworkers as coauthor(s). Please note that all submissions will be subject to the peer review process adopted by the journal and that only those papers that meet the journal‘s criteria can be accepted, as is necessary to maintain the high scientific standards of the journal. The deadline for submission of manuscripts for this special issue is August 31, 2017.

Guest Editors:
  • Adam Urbach
  • Ofer Reany
  • Vladimir Sindelar