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The conference will be held at the Hotel Continental, Brno.

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Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic with a population of 400 thousands and it is the cultural and administrative centre of the South Moravian Region. Brno has a thousand-year-old history. It has a beautiful historic centre with a large number of Baroque and Renaissance buildings and other historic sites from the 11th century.

Travel info

By Plane:

Brno has its own international airport and can be also easily accessed from international airports in Vienna (130km) and Prague (200km)

Brno – Tuřany Airport

The Brno International Airport provides flights to Prague, London, Munich, Eindhoven and other destinations. Airport is located 12km/20 minutes from the city center and you can easily take a taxi or the express bus (no.76). Bus stop is located directly outside the airport entrance and the express bus goes to the Hlavní Nádraží station (Brno).

Vienna International Airport

Easiest transportation from Vienna airport to Brno is provided by bus operator RegioJet offering 8 connections daily from Vienna to Brno from 13 EUR one way. The station is located directly outside the airport terminal. Travel duration is approximately 2,5 hours. Tickets are available online. International buses stop at the Hotel Grand station (Brno).

Václav Havel Airport Prague

Easiest transportation from Prague to Brno is provided by bus operator RegioJet offering 36 connections daily from Prague to Brno from 8 EUR one way. Travel duration is approximately 2,5 hours (4 hours including transfer in Prague). Tickets are available online. Buses stop at the Hotel Grand station (Brno).

There will be a planned track closure due to the repair of Brno train station. The trains will stop at the Židenice station and public transportation or taxi has to be used to reach the city center.  Therefore we recommend traveling by bus. Trains are operated Czech Railways and RegioJet. The travel from Prague main railway station to Brno takes approximately 3 hours.

Since the route from Prague airport to the Prague city center and following trip to Brno could be complicated, there is a possibility to take more expensive but time-saving taxi from Prague airport directly to Brno.

By Car:

Brno is accessible by the main Czech highways D1 and D2. For travel on highways in the Czech Republic, a vignette sticker is necessary. These roads are marked with a typical “highway” traffic sign. Vignettes can be purchased at fuel stations, border crossings and other places providing services for motorists.

Public Transport:

You can use public transport (timetable) to get to Hotel Continental.

From the Hotel Grand station, tram stop Hlavní nádraží is 300 m walk. Tram no. 1 (direction Řečkovice) goes to the stop Moravské náměstí (4 min ride) which is close to Hotel Continental. To get to dormitory Kounicova you can take tram no. 12 from the Hlavní nádraží stop (direction Technologický park) and get off at the Klusáčkova stop (12 min ride). For detailed directions see attached map.

Public transportation is time efficient and of good quality, it is also much cheaper than a taxi. Tickets for public transport are available at the vending machines (most accept only CZK coins), street kiosks or directly from drivers (limited range and higher price).


There are standard taxi fares. The ride from Hotel Grand or Hlavní nádraží to Hotel Continental should cost around 120 CZK (5 EUR). We recommend to ask about the price before you enter the taxi.

Currency and Payments

The currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (CZK). You can make card payments in most shops and restaurants. Some shops and restaurants also accept Euros.


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